About Us

Your Nitro Cold-Brew Beverage Specialists

Like all of the great companies of this world, we started with a garage. A garage, an idea and a trike. We knew from our experience that Canadians are loco for coffee, and we caught wind in our travels about this new style of java some 4 years ago, the Nitro Cold-brew Coffee. Without hesitation, we custom-built our Nitro Trike, part promo vehicle-part street vending supernova. We then also began experimenting with the brewing process in our retrofitted Nitro-Cave garage until our eureka moment came 1 week before our inaugural exhibition. We had discovered how to create this magnificent liquid delight. So smooth, yet bold and has a mouthfeel that would make any velvet want to slap its mama. Then came the caffeine kick, we were so jacked we wanted to erect a 10’ ladder and start doing backflips off the top. Dave suggested we dress like wrestlers and shoot promos to the camera all day, this became the Nitro mantra. We usually like to have fun, that’s because we are high on our own supply. If you want to feel limitless, we suggest you start drinking Nitro Bros, Nitro Infused Cold-Brew Coffee pronto.